An Open Source MF Tone Generator for Linux
This project is under development. Have a look at the project page for more info.

Caesar aims to be a flexible, highly configurable, open-source, Multi-Frequency tone generator for UNIX systems. Each tone may consist of any number of base frequencies which are defined in a config file. At present this has only been tested on Linux, but should run on any system that supports libao. The current development version, available only via CVS, supports libao from vorbis.

Presently CAESAR has only a text only front end, and only supports 'live' mode, where each tone is mapped to a key and sounded when the key is pressed. The cvs version also has a tool, sam, which generates morse code (CW).

Please see the Project Page for more info.

Initial Release.
Limited functionality. Allows 'Live' playing of tones as defined in config file.

You may also access the latest development release via CVS. If you wish to contribute to this project then please contact Veg.

Please see file TODO in distribution


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